Care And Concern Director


Check newspapers and castanet for obituaries. verify to membership list if a member or spouse.

Advise membership administration director name of deceased member.

Send a bereavement card to the family of the deceased

Advise "sage" editor with a list of names of the deceased members for inclusion in upcoming edition

Prepare a briefing to be presented to the general public members at each general meeting covering the preceding period

Maintain a supply of suitable cards for use in the case of illness, bereavements,thinking of you etc for use by the committee. order when necessary

When aware or notified that a member is in hospital, visit the member after you determine which room and if member can have visitors.

When aware that a member is in a care home, proceed to care home for visit after checking where and if member is able to take visitors.

Send a get well card to members that are hospitalized and if at home a phone call might be appreciated if unable to visit

Requisition a cheque from branch treasurer on a required basis for the purchases of cards, tamps, envelopes, etc and submit

If a member is unable to attend branch meetings, luncheons or any federal retiree function in the kelowna area, assist by contacting other members to help transport them to the function

With the proceeds from the branch fun raising a family is chosen at the christmas season ,with the help from kelowna community resources to receive help with gifts and food. gifts and certificates are purchased, wrapped and delivered to k c r. Requisition a cheque to cover the purchases from the branch treasurer.

Advise branch vice president if unable to perform these duties because of illness or unavoidable absences and to perform other duties from time to time be required by the branch as needed

With concurrence of the board, appoint members to assist as maybe required to perform this function

This director is retiring at the end of march 2019. for more information please contact ethel at 250-712-6213. or e mail info@federalretirees-kelowna>

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