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April 4th AGM is


As everyone is aware, the spread of the COVID – 19 virus (coronovirus) is a major concern and certainly has everyone’s attention. We are all being asked to take precautionary measures to reduce risk to at-risk populations especially seniors. That would be us. As we monitored the spread of the virus it became clearer to us that we needed to take more direct action. We were considering the cancellation of the Saturday Medoc presentation when we received word that Medoc staff have been directed to stay away from group presentations for now. That made the decision to cancel this session easier for us although we did so reluctantly given the high degree of interest in the session. So, we are calling this a postponement with rescheduling of the information session with Medoc to occur at a later date when we can ensure safety of everyone.

We want to act in the best interests of our members at all times and while we regret having to cancel this session we recognize this is the right decision to be made at this time. We want to encourage everyone to practice social distancing, hand washing and appropriate actions related to hygiene and social interaction generally. This will mean we will also postpone our Annual General Meeting slated for April 4th until we are confident that we can ensure risk is low.

We also recognize that this decision appears to be taken relatively late in the game. However, events are unfolding rapidly and changing almost hourly. We are adapting and deciding as best we can. We will continue to monitor the progress of the virus. When we are confident that your safety can be assured we will re-schedule.

We wanted to thank you for your interest in this session and we will continue to plan for and hold information sessions of this type in the future.

Your Executive.

Christmas Dinner

Date: December 12th

Place: Ramada Hotel, 2170 Harvey Ave., Kelowna.

Time: Bar opens at 11:00 am, Dinner at 12:00 noon.

Cost: $25 per member (members only).

Entertainment to follow.

Upcoming Events

     In 2019, each time you came to one of our meetings and bought a 50/50 ticket, you helped your local federal retirees group raise money which was used to buy gifts for each member of a family who otherwise would not have anything to celebrate at Christmas. With your help there will be money for a family in 2019.

nafr exec xmas wrapping

     Your executive wrapping presents for the family chosen in 2019.


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